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A Day In Brownsville

Posted by Matt Tabor in Brownsville Living

If you are planning a day trip through Brownsville or if you are a current resident then you should take a little time to learn about some of the unique and interesting parts of the town that move beyond just the cute shops, the historic museum, the Moyer House and antiques. Brownsville also has a variety of other interesting and historic aspects that make a destination for an entire day and not simply a place to drive through after a few hours. The next time you go through Brownsville, or even go to Brownsville, enjoy some of these other Brownsville delights.

The first thing to note is that if you are gong to be in Brownsville over the first weekend of the month there are a variety of local artists that have special events and open houses. Keep your eyes peeled for these as they are easy to miss but worthwhile to see. As an extension of the historic nature of the town move beyond the enjoyment of the Moyer House, a must see in itself, you can take a guided walking tour of the town. Simply pick up a self guided town history map at the Linn County museum and let the map be your guide as it details for you the wonderful history of each part of the area.

If you enjoy the historic covered bridges that are rarely built in modern day construction but seem to be a mainstay of historic movies and times, Brownsville has eight of them each with its own special story. The picturesque nature of these bridges is both historic and romantic. Take some time to see them and even take photographs with them. It is difficult to describe but you will have to trust me when I say that the photos will be your favorites. These bridges are simple, elegant, and create a sense of history as you look at them and imagine their historical use.

If castles are your interest then stopping by the Living Rock Studios castle is a lot of fun. It is made of cement, rock, and stone and is a very interesting experience that is fun for all ages. especially the kids that need a break from the historical stops. Speaking of historical stops take some time to go to the Pioneer picture gallery. This unique gallery has a vast collection of donated pictures and photographs that help you understand the way the town looked in its beginning days as well as gives you a feel for the people and ways in which they lived.

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Last but not least you can have a lot of fun taking the Stand By Me waking tour. Just in case you did not know it historic Brownsville served as a location for the filming of this 1985 film. The walking tour shows you the various locations from the film and will spark some fun memories from the movie as you see in real life the world that surrounded the characters.

All of these little wonders within this wonderful town are oftentimes missed by the casual traveler and yet they can make a day trip so much more fulfilling than just simply going through shops and looking at antiques. Take time to know the unique history of the town and look at some of the off the beaten path sights, this is the type of thing that transforms a regular trip into a lifetime memory. It is not that each piece is so incredibly dynamic, it is simply that you took the time to immerse yourself into the fabric of the town. That is how memories are made.

Brownsville’s Linn County Historical Museum

Posted by Matt Tabor in Brownsville History

Oftentimes when you live in a town you fail to appreciate the wonders within it. Many residents know the Linn County Historical Museum as simply one of their destinations while on a field trip in school, or maybe even as the topic of a grade school report. But as the saying goes, education is wasted on the young, and so also is the appreciation for this wonderful museum and its place in history. If you live in Brownsville or are simply planning a trip nearby, it would be a wonderful addition to even the tightest itinerary to take a brief stop at this wonderful and authentic museum.

The museum itself is located in the historical part of Brownsville, in the original building that at one time served as the town’s railroad station. Inside the museum you will find an incredible and authentic collection of pioneer artifacts and original artifacts from the era. The reason this museum is special is because of its simple authenticity. This is not a slick and modern museum that has a presentation by an urban art director, this museum is put together for maximum effect and immersion into understanding the artifacts, how they were used, the people how they interacted, and the economy and how it functioned. This little museum is wonderful in that it gives you the true essence of the time. This authenticity is completely lacking in so many museums, where you can look at historical items, but you lack the immersion into the era that is being displayed. The Linn County Historical Museum at Brownsville succeeds in giving you this connection with the pioneer history of the town.

This entire feel is accomplished with the way the museum is presented. According to the Linn County Parks Department the museum has a “grandmother’s attic” aesthetic with its inclusion of shelves and nooks of historical artifacts as well as full scenes of lifestyle and commerce. It even includes re-creations of many stores from the past including the original general store, the barber shop, the bank, and even a milliners shop that includes many of the tools that would have been found in the original shop. The museum also includes a great display of what you would find in covered wagons at the time when they were making their way across the Oregon Trail.

There are many other exhibits at the museum and in fact they do rotate displays periodically so you never know exactly what you are going to find. The curators of the museum are very proud of their authentic approach to education those that come to the museum and showing a true rendition of the history of Linn County and Brownsville. I concur and congratulate them on their success, in my visit to the museum this is exactly what I found, the parks Department of Linn County has an outstanding destination in this wonderful museum.